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Powder Springs Disaster Cleanup and Property Restoration Company

Cobb Counties premier fire, water and storm damage repair contractor. Call (770) 863-7370 for priority local service following any size disaster to your home or business. Our local technicians are certified by the IICRC and can be on the scene quicky. The aftermath of any type of home damage can be perplexing, and you may be wondering where to start. If you have sufferd damage at your home or business, we can generally arrive within sixty minutes snd service the entire Metro Atlanta area.

Emergency Property Repairs – Fire, Flood & Storm Damage Throughout Powder Springs

Your home or commercial residence is always at a risk of damage by water, fire, storm, flash floods, or black molds. When these damages occur, you need to do instant repairs. While a DIY is possible, it will not give back the results that a professional restoration company would offer. In the market, you’ll find numerous disaster cleanup contractors all seeking to provide you with restoration services. As a result, you’ll find it difficult selecting the best company to give you the services you request. We, therefore, don’t want you to feel stranded in the search. That is why we (name of the company) are here to for you. We are the best restoration company in the city. The following are some of the reasons why we consider ourselves the best.

1. We offer a variety of services

Whether you’re looking for water damage restoration, fire damage repair or mold removal, we’re here for you. We have experts who have long term experience in tracking and repairing water damages. When it comes to water damages, we shall first assess the damage extent, and then consult with you before we do any repairs. We do reconstruction for the areas destroyed by water. We also offer mold removal services as part of the water damage reconstruction services. Our experts will remove the molds and restore the beauty of your home.

Fire damages cause significant destructions in your home. We offer both fire and smoke damage services as one package. The good thing with us is that we shall give you the best services at a low price. Our experts evaluate which materials need replacement and which ones to reuse. We also do clear documentation of the extent of damage caused by the fire, and even include photography. The reason why we are keen on assessing the loss is so that you can get maximum compensation from your insurer. Our experts have long-time experience dealing with fire damages, and they’ll offer you the specific services you need.

2. Quick Services

When you call for house restoration services, you need a company that will attend to you immediately. Once we receive your call, we send a crew of experts to the site the same day. If you’re within the city, the experts will be at your home or office within an hour. We also make sure that we carry the right tools so that we start repairing immediately we arrive at the site. Also, we make sure that you receive all the documentations within the shortest time possible so that you can present your claims to your insurer the same day.

3. Accurate Estimates

When it comes to restoration services, you need to purchase repair materials, pay the labor, and get quality work done. You need a quotation with correct estimates that will not force you to dig back into your pocket later. As such, our experts will give you an accurate cost estimate in repairing the whole damage without asking for more cash.

4. Fair and Clear Rates

Most of the restorations will be expensive for their services, or cheap for poor services. With us, we offer prices that are fair to your pocket. We use dependable software to do the calculations so that there is no price bias. The software is the same as the ones that the insurer will use to calculate what they will reimburse after damage. In this way, we ensure that you don’t get back to your pocket to cater for unreasonable costs. Despite the low prices, the quality of our services will always stand unique.

5. We handle the Insurance Claim

One of the challenges that homeowners experience is when making claims to the insurance company. You may need to hire a professional to do the estimates for you, but with us, we shall do it all for you. We shall also send our invoice on your behalf to the insurer. It means that you can sit back and relax as everything will be under control.

6. We leave a clean home

After the repair, most of the companies will not consider cleaning the house for you. You, therefore, receive a messed up house. With us, we do all the cleaning, arrange the furniture and give you a clean home.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider us as your only best option among many restoration companies. We understand our role, and we shall give you exactly what you’re looking for from a repair company. Call us for all homes or building restoration services and you’ll not regret choosing us.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

  • These Guys are amazing! After our sewer backed up in our basement, they were there the next morning, cleaned and sanitized the place, tooks everything out and you would have never known it ever happened. Definitely the right people to call. Thanks again guys! B. Betchkal
  • We had to remodel nearly our entire home and now it looks incredible. The team at Service Restoration was extremely helpful and thorough. In the unfortunate event of more damage to our home, I will absolutely be using them again. R. VonBank

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